New Happy77

Happy77's Player Card

Happy77 is a famous moderator on Club Penguin. Her training penguin was luv2dance160. She is now the 3rd person in charge of Club Penguin. The first is the President (Owner). Second, Billybob. Gizmo used to own it, then, until 2007 (about), he left. Rsnail used to be the Vice President. He left, too. So Happy77 and Screenhog joined. Screenhog then left, too. The top most famous mods are the president (though not known much), Billybob, Happy77, and Businesmoose. Anyway, back to Happy77. Happy77 used to be the second most known, now she's most known. She got more popular than Billybob. Though, Billybob is still the vice president, and Happy77 is the assistant vice president.

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Old Happy77

Happy77's old Player Card

Happy77 at MARVEL Superhero Party

Happy77 at the MARVEL Superhero Takeover.

Happy77s logo pic

Happy77's logo picture

Happy77 at Under Expedition

Happy77 at Underwater Expedition

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