Some great memories. It demonstrates anything is possible with a dream.
— Gary the Gadget Guy

'Gary the Gadget Guy (AKA EPF Agent G), is Club Penguins inventor and the owner of the Sports Shop. He likes wearing a white lab coat and his special curved spectacles, and enjoys eating [[Fish Dish Pizza]], and is almost always seen drinking coffee in the HQ. In an issue of his eyes appear like Sensei, but smaller and thinner. Gary also doesn't own Puffles. In Club Penguin Times Issue 200, it was mentioned that Gary would make an appearance at the [[Festival Of Flight 2009]], and he did. Also, in the section "In Focus: A Waddle Down Memory Lane", the quote at the top of the page was by G. Gary is the only person who has the keys to open his invention cabinet in Mission 7. He also has his own room in the sports shop. He mainly comes to the Halloween Party. If you meet him you get a stamp, a background, and, if you're lucky enough, you could even add him to your [[buddy list]]. If you see him now a days, he is now the normal [[Blue]], but in his player card, he is [[Old Blue]].

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