[[Media page penguin|250px]]
Full Name Frimmolino
Species penguin
Position Chat Mod, Admin and Bureocrat on this Wiki.
Appearance Sleet, Alaska, Yukon
Color Yellow / Orange / Red
Clothing {{{clothing}}}
Friends Anyone, really!
Meetable? yes
ID (friend list) 101

Hi, Im Frimmolino and if you want add me on Club Penguin you can. I dont bite, honest. I've got 178 stamps and 39 friends. I've met all Exept Franky, Petey K. And Sensei.

About meEdit

Hello world,

I'm Frimmolino, Frimmo for short. I joined Club Penguin in August 2007 with a penguin called Ghost 2000, but i forgot his password in 2009. in January 2010, then, my grandma let me create a member penguin called Frimmolino, as a birthday present. I joined the wiki on February 7, 2012. Since I joined CP on the 1st of January 2010, I don't have many rare items. If you ever see me on Club Penguin, don't be afraid to send me a friend request or say hi (I'm not going to eat you or anything). Overall, I'm a friendly person, so if you want to talk, don't be shy.

Ever since a group of Pookies kicked me and banned 4 of my friends, we made this site against Pookies, . I hope you join and help rid cp of those annoying Pookies.

I Love Lego (in general) but especially lego ninjago. I absolutely love to tell lol jokes and ask really hard riddles. Im also really good at solving riddles. If you have one, please post it on my talk page.

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